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Life's Abundance Dog Food

We highly recommend Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food for your puppy!  We use the “All Life Stages” Dry dog food that comes in the lime green bag with all of our puppies &  our adult parents- Sven, Elsa, Sybil, and Inge.  We love it because it is made in small batches and never sits on a store shelf, and we love the auto-ship option!  Since they only use wholesome ingredients, Life's Abundance does not use artificial flavors or colors, corn or corn gluten, or wheat or wheat gluten.  

It's made specifically for large breeds, with the finest ingredients including: 

  • A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals

  • High-quality, multi-source proteins for growing muscles and healthy development

  • An antioxidant system with vitamins C and E

  • Prebiotic fiber and guaranteed probiotics

  • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat

  • Enriched with DHA for canine smarts

  • Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

  • A selection of nutritious vegetables


Other Life's Abundance Dog Products We Love!


We also really like the Antioxidant Health Bars and Gourmet Dental Treats for helping to train your puppy, not to mention all of the health benefits of both of these products.  

Care Products

Life's Abundance also has great pet care products, and with having four big dogs in our house as well as when we have puppies, there are bound to be messes that need to be cleaned up.  We use the Bio-Base Floorwash, and it does wonders for cleanliness and getting rid of unwanted smells. 

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