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What Our Duluth Doodles Families Have to Say!

Duluth Doodles- Birdie

"My husband and I can’t say enough about Duluth Doodles. We picked out Birdie last November and she has been the BEST little addition to our family. Brian and Jessica were SO helpful and insightful as far as recommendations and making the pick-up process as smooth as possible. Although we may be biased, we’re convinced Birdie is the sweetest dog we’ve ever met - such an awesome temperament and personality and I know that is in large part due to the family she initially came from! Birdie has also always loved kids as well and I think having her around little ones during the first couple months of her life greatly attributed to that. If you’re looking to get a golden doodle, it is 100% worth the wait to get a Duluth Doodle!" 

— Sophie + Matt, Duluth, MN

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"Hi from Bloomington!


We are the Martins and we absolutely love our dog Tillie Mae. She has been an absolute blessing to our family. She came home just before COVID began so we were thankful to have her as we were staying safe at home. Tillie is so smart, easy to train, loving, playful, and she makes us laugh every single day. We can’t imagine our lives without her! 

Thank you Duluth Doodles!"


— The Martin Family, Bloomington, MN

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Tillie Mae + Martin Family

"Greetings from Woodbury!

We just wanted to give you an update on Koda. He is just over 6 months old now and has been an absolute blessing to our family! He has such a laid back personality and is so smart. He LOVES his morning belly rubs and can't get enough outside time, especially now that the birds and bunnies are around!! We have absolutely fallen in love with Koda and cannot imagine our lives without him!!"

— The Johnson Family, Woodbury, MN

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"Duluth Doodles and the Hard family hold a special place in our hearts. While searching many years ago for the perfect Goldendoodle puppy to start building our family we came across Duluth Doodles, reading about them and how they breed and care for their puppies. It was honestly love at first sight. We got the opportunity to visit their farm and meet their dogs and their beautiful family. It was so perfect. When we picked up our first puppy (Thurber) our pup snuggled right in and we knew that we made the right decision. His mom is Elsa, he is the absolute sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He loves to cuddle and he wouldn't let a day go by without showing you complete affection. Thurber also loves the snow and babies, you can also get him way too excited just by saying “do you wanna?” After two years we wanted to give Thurber a sibling and it was comforting knowing that we already knew the best breeder in MN. We reached out and Jessica and Brian were so excited and worked with us knowing the type of coat we wanted this go around. We needed to do a virtual “Puppy pick up” due to some previous obligations and we didn't want to give up our place in line they were wonderful and allowed us time in the video to really meet and observe the puppies. We again got the perfect puppy to add to our family. Teddy Bear is a silly, playful boy from Inge's litter. He absolutely loves bones, you’ll never catch him without one nearby. He is so playful and loves wrestling with his big brother. Our boys have two completely different personalities but both love to be loved and will fill your whole heart with love as well. They are perfect together and we cannot imagine life without them. Our Boys Thurber and Teddy mean so much to us and we keep in touch with Duluth Doodles through Instagram - it’s honestly the best."

— Dan + Sabrina, Sauk Rapids, MN

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Dan & Sabrina with Thurber and Teddy!
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